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Nothing on this page is related to dead animals . This is my raw materials gem page

Opal is one of my favorite materials to work with. It reminds me of water or sky and fits in well with my wild life scenes and adds such a sparkle of color and excitement as well as adding value. I have met some top people in the opal business as well as opal miners over the years at the Tucson gem show and trade with them so have some good sources and a good supply on hand. I have more then can be shown so inquire if opal is exciting to you. I do not have the very high end but I have some 'nice' material at great prices.

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Have a large quantity of stones of all kinds. Left is a sample of cut and polished mixed stones. I carve then and make cabs free formed polished, or rough for you to cut .  have stones ready to set in rings or stones ready to wire wrap and stones with holes in them ready to make a necklace. I probably have 500 pounds of stones.
The only known source of this rare agate for sale on the open market. Has to be brought to civilzation with a small float plane. I have rough, cabs and polished freeforms
Earrings I made from Nowitna River agate
Mixed semi precious cut stones I got by the pound as odd cuts and off sizes. Very high quality  at good prices moonstones amethyst garnet ruby turquoise etc
Laboradite cabs
Opal hand made beads $35
Gorgeous opal. Not done on a lathe, each bead unique. Make a note which bead # you  want if you have a preference (assume you do)
Above Rare Nowitna River agate $7 a slice
Can sell by the pound or have this in the rough if you are set up with diamond cutting tools inquire
Cut and paste a picture and  add to email if interested. Directions on ordering page if you do not know how to cut and paste my pictures.
Right Tiger eye slabs- sets . For knife makers but can be used for any project. $45 a set depending on size quality inquire
last updated July 2014
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One ounce for $35. I dip in and weigh out an ounce, do not ask me to high grade and select certain stones. This is about 50 cents a stone for stones, that some of which would cost $10 each bought individually.
You get 5 stones for $10. 5mm to 15 mm some round some oblong. I might accept a request for ';smaller' or 'round' that I can accommodate in under a minute. Please do not request specifics for settings. Stones like this can sell for $10 each so for 10 cents on the dollar you do not get much for choice but the quality is good. It's just that I buy them by the pound and am very busy and I have no time to poke through 1,000 stones to find your perfect stone and send you a picture of it for $2. Add another $20 and I might be interested (?) Humph! This is a garage sale , not Zale's.
I refer to this as 'jade' and assume it is 'related' but this rock is local with no name no outside Alaska sources and as far as I know come from only Talkeetna Alaska. We haven't names it yet. It takes a polish and has dark green inclusions in a lighter green background. There are slight dark veins and some red like iron rust running in it here and there. This piece is 2x2 inches x ¼ thick for a large pendant as is or can be cut into cabs. Satin polish on it could be hand polished. $10
Russian Charlite, from the Siberian Charl river. Russian used to own Alaska and is only 50 miles away so I call it 'local'. Highly sought after not common or seen for sale in the rough much. This piece is 2.3 ounces and is 2 ½ x 2 ½ and would be square but has 1/3rd missing. This is ¼ inch thick - one side polished. $40

Inquire- I have lots of the rough tiger eye but might have to cut this and may not have time so inquire first.

Natural pearls. In the shape of crosses. Had to look through thousands of pearls to find these. 1 inch tall x 1 to 1.5 wide. $55 each

Larimer 1.3 ounces 2 ½ inches x 1 ½ x 1/8th thick. Very nice pattern has flecks of copper in it. Good for wire wrapping or can be recut to suit your needs. $25

Agate with bright orange pattern. 1 ½ inches x 1 inch x 1/16th thick. Freeform can be wire wrapped or custom set $25.

Alaska green has interesting tan patterns running throughout. Freeform can be wire wrapped - recut or custom setting. Hard takes nice polish $15

Tiffany stone with excellent pattern 2 inches x 1 inch x 1/8th thick polished both sides can be wire wrapped cut to suit used as free from highly polished rare patterns. $35

Lace agate from Montana. 2 inches x 1 ½ inches x 11/16th thick. Both sides polished Has nice fern patterns $15

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Amber . Two separate batches for sale. The left pile is 8 ounces of #1 grade with a mix of bugs. Hard clear good colors. There are about 23 pieces (a few of the smallest I combined to call one, a couple of the largest I called 2. ). If you buy the whole pile I am asking $8 each or $184. Left selecton sold
The group on the right is lower quality not as old ot as pretty . Much has bugs . it can be shined and used in art but there is a big difference in quality and much lower price. This is about 21 pieces . Asking $3 each so $63 for the pile.

Bulk-- 5 pounds

For those who want to cut your own slices or make your own cabs. I offer 5 pounds at $10 a pound. $50. There are about 50 pieces in a pound, so about $1 per stone. Note above, polished slices selling for $7. Note when you buy bulk rough, each $1 stone can produce 4-7 slices. Shipping is by priority flat rate $14 to anywhere in the US. Inquire for other amounts

Left, what 5 pounds looks like .

Left, one of the larger pieces, right one of the smallest

Nowitna River agate is a carnelian agate, similar to Brazilian in colors, hardness, ability to take a high polish. But Nowitna does not have the concentric circles, but blotches, and patterns of orange, brown, white, clear.

$20 for half a pound of slices (about 15 slices)

Natural crystal ball
Has unique rainbow butterfly ‘trapped inside’ as a natural fracture. I tried to get it’s picture you can see the rainbow but looking head on it has wings like a butterfly! This crystal has lots of personality with clear areas, a few clouds a few inclusions , crackling, trapped scenes and stories. Weighs 3 pounds and is 4 inches in diameter. $120.

Amethyst cluster display. Weighs 3 pounds, stands 6 inches tall and is 3 inches across at the base. Has felt base for freestanding display. From Brazil. I acquired this because of its unusual shape with the cluster of clear crystals on the side. Very unique and elegant. $95

Fossil algae from the Jurassic era trapped in agate. Unique, rare. I have ‘Lune River Tas” on a tag with it (Is that a place?). I got it off a explorer- scientist at the Tucson fossil show. Would make a nice pendant. Very hard, nice polish 180m across. As you can see, light shines through it. $75

Fossil Jurassic pine cones from Argentina. I have used these for pendants. Slices off larger ones show the seeds inside! 1 to 1.5 inches long and half an ounce in weight. $25 each pick 1-5.

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5cut fluorite pieces. Nicely cut and polished, very nice colors. 1-2 inches long x ½ to 1 inch wide.. Both pictures of the same pieces to show different angles. All 5 pieces $25