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Pictures from the homestead, houseboat life I lived for 25 years etc


This is a one person business. I have been in business over 45 years. I mostly deal in Alaskan material, or that is how I got started, and is my specialty. I lived in the wilderness as a mountain man trapper artist dog musher for over 25 years all over interior Alaska. I am the source for a lot of Alaskan materials. I sell only my own art work. Custom knives, pendants , custom lost wax casting. I once specialized and was #5 in the world on the internet selling teeth claws and animal parts. No longer in that business, legal problems’. I do still sell a lot of raw materials. Over the years I have connections do to shows and the internet from all over the world as a source of crystals, wood and ‘what not’ look at the directory and see what I am into. I’m fairly well know, been in the New York Times, GEO in Europe, Alaska magazine . Mostly for my lifestyle but also my art, my raw materials. I sell you materials I use myself and have knowledge of.

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There are so far 5 books in a series. Following a diary about wilderness survival and adventure
Written by Miles

Includes blank blades, custom guards, design ideas, as well as my finished knives.

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Wood, stones fossils, specialize in Alaskan

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